How To Create Engaging Video Content With Your Phone

  • Spend thousands of dollars creating a corporate video that nobody will ever share.
  • Produce creative video that people will share.
  • Phone
  • External microphone for phone

1. Understand the rule of thirds

Go to your phone settings and enable the “Grid”.

The grid on the iPhone. It shows on Photo mode but not on Video

2. Use an external microphone

If you are filming somebody speaking. I consider the sound to be more important than the video.


3. Use a tripod…or Not

If you shake too much when creating videos. Then a tripod is a good idea.

4. Shoot horizontally…please!

There is nothing worse than getting those black lines on the sides of the video. Combining those videos with horizontal videos is a pain!


5. Is there good light?

If it is dark. Find some light. Either artificial or natural.

6. Zooming makes the video lose quality

If you must really zoom for a long time. Then you need better video equipment.

7. Frames per second and that technical stuff

This applies to any phone, iPhone or Android.

Uploading content to Youtube and Facebook

  • Facebook says: Aspect ratio no larger than 1280 and at 30fps. Less than 120min and smaller than 4GB
  • Youtube says: 1080p30

Progressive and Interlaced

Progressive is often referred as “p” and Interlaced as “i”.

Other tips

  • Use airplane mode to avoid disruptions
  • Use the best angles
  • Have good focus
  • Using b-roll
  • Framing subjects



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Tom Ordonez

Tom Ordonez

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